Barnes has consulted with schools (both public and private), mental health organizations, corrections professionals, resident and day camp staffs and many other organizations which are interested in increasing client and/or employee effectiveness, happiness and knowledge.

He is especially known for his work with non-coercive discipline and helping create communities where members take personal responsibility for their perceptions and their actions and decrease the victim culture which pervades so many areas of our society.

There have been many names to describe the model he works with (Internal Control Theory, Choice Theory, Success Counseling, Reality Therapy), but his overall approach helps organizations and individuals learn to make choices which will lead them to not only change situations in which they feel pain and frustration, but also be their best selves in situations which cannot be changed.


Barnes opened his private counseling practice in 1977 and continues to work with people hoping to make changes in their lives and learn patterns of thought and action which they can use on their own when counseling is no longer necessary.

In his work with individuals, couples and parents and children, Barnes brings to the process an array of skills learned over 40 years of working in the field. He has special interest in relationship counseling, recovery from addiction and working with people who hope to become their best selves as well as be able to solve the problems and issues of the moment.


Barnes has written two books: “Reinventing Yourself” and “My Gift in Return”, as well as many articles and blog entries for Mental Health and Happiness website and other journals.


Barnes is a consultant and private practitioner.