D. Barnes Boffey, ED.D.

Our lives are not exercises from school that have no relevance; they have the ultimate relevance. Our lives can damage other people; our lives can heal other people; our lives can nourish other people, and our lives can transform other people. Our lives become the stars that others steer by, and if we live them well, the world will change.

Our challenge as we face the future is to live in the light of the universe: being loving, being powerful, being playful, being free. And to live each day as one we can be proud of, to live each day as one we can cherish, and to live each day as one that will be remembered by others who look to us to learn how to live.

Areas of Expertise

  • Success Counseling
  • Reality Therapy
  • Internal Control Psychology
  • Applied Control Theory
  • Non-coercive Discipline
  • Building Healthy Communities
  • Staff Training for Counselors, Teachers, Managers, Leaders, Spouses and Parents

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